Traditional Plus Futon All Australian Cotton - 10 cm

Our Futons are hand made to order in Byron Bay. Production takes 6 weeks.
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Traditional All Cotton Futon 10cm

Our futons are hand made to order in Byron Bay.  Due to large a production load, production time is 6 weeks.

The Traditional Plus Futon is our premium all cotton futon. It is constructed with 100% unprocessed A-grade Australian cotton, covered with an organic cotton/viscose blend fabric. The Traditional Plus futon is suitable for use directly on the floor, on top of Japanese tatami matting.

Traditional all cotton Futon Plus : an optional layer of 100% Australian carded wool can be added to both sides of your futon to aid in insulating the internal cotton padding from environmental & user moisture, as well as softening the sleeping surface further.

Our quality futons are covered in organic cotton & viscose woven fabric – made to our specifications. Viscose is a manufactured regenerated, plant derived cellulose fiber.

Our Traditional Plus Futons are hand made here in Byron Bay using our unique method of manufacturing that guarantees you will have the finest luxury futon with a superior quality of workmanship.We use the patented ‘T-tufting’ system ( not strings ). Extra tufting ensures consistency and longevity. Our traditional futons have an internal lining to prevent cotton from shifting or lumping — for more about the quality workmanship of our futons please review our FAQ page.

This firm, thin mattress is not suitable for use on a slatted bed base. For a slatted bed base please select one of our Foam Core Futon mattresses or use 2 traditional futons (one on top of the other) to create extra depth & cushioning.

Zentai Living has perfected the manufacturing of futons since 1981.

Futon Mattress Sizes and Weights:

Single: 91 x 193cm 13kg
King Single: 107 x 203cm 15kg
Double: 137 x 193cm 17kg
Queen: 153 x 203cm 21kg
King: 182 x 203cm 23kg

Maintenance :

Futon is a natural fiber mattress which requires regular maintenance - regular turning, sunning and airing. Sunning will dry out any moisture, and fluff up the cotton fibers, and refresh your futon.

Warranty :

All Zentai futons are covered by a 24 month warranty.

Do I need to use a mattress protector on my futon mattress?

Yes, we recommend that you always use a Natural Cotton or Wool type mattress protector on your futon mattress. This will absorb any body moisture and, therefore, extend the life of your mattress. The mattress protector can be washed regularly, ensuring a healthier sleep. Our Bambi Cottina 100% Cotton Mattress Protector is the perfect choice.

Note: Tatami mats are not included with futons. Please click here to purchase our Bed Size Tatami Mats to go under your futon.

We offer a 24 month warranty on faulty workmanship and materials. We do not offer any warranty on general wear and tear, including mould, compression or mistreatment. Futons require regular maintenance and instructions for this are given with the product.