Zabuton Floor Cushion 7cm

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Zabuton Floor Cushion Thin - 7cm Traditional Style

Handmade by Zentai

Zabutons are Traditional Japanese Style Floor cushions. They include a  separate removable cotton cover available in various colours of your choice.

Zabuton cushion only - $55

Zabuton cushion with washable cover - $94


Very versatile in any home and often used in Zen Living Environment, sitting around the Zataku, meditation, stretching Yoga massage. children era etc.
Used by massage therapists in addition to a Shaisu Mat.

Technical Specification

Protected and covered in strong, durable and unbleached Cotton Covering and filled with a 100% natural Cotton Wadding.
They are buttoned with our unique T-tuft system (5 tufts per cushion).

Size: 60cm × 60cm × 7cm 

Alternative Product:
Zabuton Floor Cushion - 12cm Thick

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Colour Samples for Cotton Covers:


natural cotton canvas


cotton canvas in sand colour


cotton canvas in tangerine colour

Cherry Red

cotton canvas in cherry red


cotton canvas moss colour


cotton canvas in ink colour


cotton canvas in charcoal colour


cotton canvas in black