Futon Mattresses

What makes a Zentai Futon the best futon available today?

Short answer: our unique method of manufacture and quality of workmanship.
Only the best materials are used in manufacture. We use A-grade cotton, 100% pure new wool, and superior quality CFC free foam. Our quality futons are covered in organic cotton & viscose blend fabric — made to our specifications.

Zentai has perfected the manufacturing of futons since 1981.

*Viscose is a manufactured regenerated , plant derived cellulose fiber.

Quality features you will not find in other futons — standard in a ZENTAI Futon:

Picture: sample of our foam-core futon - Our quality futons are covered in organic cotton & viscose woven fabric – made to our specifications. Viscose is a manufactured regenerated, plant derived cellulose fiber.


ZENTAI Quality Futons - made locally to last

Do I need to use a mattress protector on my futon mattress?

Yes, we recommend that you always use a Natural Cotton or Wool type mattress protector on your futon mattress. This will absorb any body moisture and, therefore, extend the life of your mattress. The mattress protector can be washed regularly, ensuring a healthier sleep. Our Bambi Cottina 100% Cotton Mattress Protector is the perfect choice.

Hand made by Zentai in Byron Bay, Australia!