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Rio Sofabed

• Tri-fold style sofa
• Single / Twin, Double, & Queen size

Timber Finish:
Natural (Blonde / Clear lacquer finish ) - as pictured
Espresso stain finish
(Dark Chocolate)

Single /Twin -
As Sofa: 105cm x 110cm
As Bed: 105cm x 193cm
Double -
As Sofa: 143cm x 110cm
As Bed: 143cm x 193cm
Queen -
As Sofa: 158cm x 110cm
As Bed: 158cm x 203cm

Mattresses recommended: Single or King Single 6. Stamina Foam - Core Futon.
Double 6. Stamina
Foam-Core Futon.
Queen 6. Stamina
Foam-Core Futon.

Nb: Twin is a universal size (US) that can go with our Single or King Single size.

Futon Cover: Cotton Canvas - size Single 6, Double 6 or Queen 6 (see our colour range)

Accessories: Miracle Grip (Anti Slip Cloth)

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