Natural Latex Baby ROUND Head Rest Pillow helps prevent Plagiocephaly

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Special Natural Latex Baby Head Rest Pillow - round shape

This Latex Baby Head Rest Pillow is exclusive to ZENTAI Living!
This is most likely the only 100% natural latex baby pillow you will find in Australia (all other products are from synthetic foam). The shape of this baby head rest was specially developed to gently cradle baby’s head, allow at the same time for free head movement, and to reduce the risk of Plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, occurs in newborns and young babies when the back or sides of the head become flat or mis-shapen due to prolonged pressure from flat surfaces, like cot mattresses, on the skull while baby is asleep or resting on their back.

This Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow comes with two removable covers, both machine washable, made from 100% Cotton fabric.

Size: approx. 25-26ø ×5 cms thick