Latex Mattress Topper 5 cm Essential

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Natural Latex Mattress Topper (overlay)

Core Construction:
5cm Soft or 5cm Medium Density Comfort Layer
Bamboo Blend Covering

Whether you suffer from neck & back pain from sleeping on a firm, unforgiving mattress, or simply wish to create a healthier sleeping surface for you or your children, the Essential Natural Latex Topper is your answer.
Made from 100% natural Hevea Latex, & covered in hypo-allergenic bamboo fabric. This mattress topper (overlay) will breathe new life back into your existing mattress.
This mattress lifesaver is both naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, & dustmite free, making it a MUST for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, chemical sensitivities & the health conscious.
How often do you find an all-natural, chemical-free product that is sustainably sourced, long lasting (& yet still bio-degradeable), healthy & locally made?
Considering the bed is the one environment that we spend a third of the day continually in one place, it is no wonder it can impact on sensitivities within immune systems.
Make a step in the right direction, & let nature take care of the rest ; )A beautifully comfortable & practical solution. Suitable for all mattress types, & available in all sizes. Custom sizing available on request- contact us.

Please review our FAQ page/Mattress Sizes re. our mattress sizing.

Latex is a 100% natural product. Pincore constructed Latex offers superior support for the body and is unsurpassed for its natural comfort and longevity. Zentai manufacture a range of latex mattresses & toppers of varying densities and construction.
Zentai Latex mattresses and toppers are made from 100% pure natural hevea rubber. We use only the highest quality pure natural latex. Absolutely no synthetic latex, additives, fillers, or extenders are used in the manufacturing.

Our Latex is regularly tested and certified by the ECO-Umwelt Institut in Cologne/Germany. The Latex is tested for some 250 harmful substances. Continuous testing of quality and properties in accordance with International standards ensure a safe, natural product.
Our latex is non toxic, non carcinogenic, hypo-allergenic, and anti microbial. Our Latex is considered to be the best quality natural latex available today.

LGA Quality tested for longevity & durability.

This Latex Topper is covered by a 10 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

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  • 5

    Posted by Sherry on 21st Sep 2015

    We bought a Wool bed a year and a half ago and noticed it got very hard and packed out giving us some back issues. We really love the idea of the wool mattress and didn't want to have to get rid of it. When I called Zentaii, I was looking for a whole new latex mattress and was recommended a topper once he found out I had a Wool mattress. Not only did it save on money but the latex topper was all we needed and is perfect. We are very happy and would recommend them… We also have a latex mattress for our daughter and a cotton mattress for our camper trailer from Zentaii. (Also we did our research and you can't beat the prices for such a great product!)

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2015

    After using a hard matters for some years I found that it was causing me morning back and side pain. I tired the latex overlay and first impressions were that it was incredibly comfortable. It was not in the slightest warm or hot and it has really helped my back soreness. Most impressed indeed with a very good product, at the right price.

  • 4
    Forgiving on my old bones!! Value for money!!

    Posted by sparks on 16th Jul 2014

    Much improved sleep. Definitely a good investment. For under $440 delivered this was a convienient buy. It is more forgiving on our body even on a mattress that is 8 yrs old. It is obviously not going to feel like a $3000 new bed but if you are wanting to radically improve your sleep for a fraction of the cost of a fancy mattress then go for it. It won't change any kinks in your own bed but if you are complaining about a little pain, it might be that your mattress is pushing back in a way. This topper is lenient and helps with straightening out the spine. In terms of measuring the performance. My mattress on it's own is a 5/10. It is now a 7.7/10. Feel me!? Go on, get it. They deliver it and you just chuck it on. No wasting time in stores with painful sales people. Ok, enough from me. :)

  • 5
    perfectly suits my special purpose

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2014

    Product is perfectly in line with expectation.
    I am not using it as mattress topper but to have a comfortable underlay to do my meditation, but also to just "lay on the floor" to read. I find this way more comfortable and flexible than on a sofa.
    The firm version is a fantastic bolstering base to do exactly what I want and feel comfortable. No ache even if I spend hours on the floor.
    Quality of workmanship also seems to be high standard!

  • 5
    everything i expected

    Posted by chris on 3rd Apr 2014

    wonderful product and not too hot

  • 5
    Fantastic as expected

    Posted by Dazza on 21st Oct 2013

    After investing many hrs researching foam toppers. I decided latex topper would be best for the warmer climate in WA Australia. There are many suppliers out there. The key concerns for me are with regards to fillers being added in the mix. This can effect both longivity and chemical fumes that can be released. I choose this brand over the other suppliers as Zentai Living addressed these concerns. There product has delivered in these areas. It has minimal fumes when opened which disapated rapidly and the quality is felt in the support it provides. Both my wife and I are getting a deeper sleep now. I no longer have any lower back ache. Very happy. Thanks Zentai Living for a quality latex topper.

  • 5
    Superbly Comfortable

    Posted by Scott on 23rd Sep 2013

    We purchased the latex topper to prolong the life of our mattress another year or 2 and it has been fantastic. Both my partner and I are waking up having had a much deeper, more restful sleep. The only adjustment we had to make was removing the extra bed spread to keep the temperature more comfortable as the latex moulds to your body shape thus covering more area of your body and being cosier.

    Seeing the additional comfort that the latex topper provides, we are now going to purchase another for the mattress at holiday house that is currently a little too firm for our liking.