Sofa Beds

Zentai Futon Sofa Beds come in 2 basic styles

Bifold style - wood. These sofabeds fold down the length of the futon mattress. They come with or without arms. In this style the Futon mattress is always a Double size. The Length of the seat will be the length of the mattress. The standard size as a Double bed will be 137cm × 193cm approximately. We also offer another style specially designed for our extra long futons, with a width between the arms of 201.5cm, which we deliver complete with extra-long futons. The recommended futon mattress for this style is a Double Foam-Core 18cm. or Double Foam-Core 16cm on our Click-Clack style sofas.

Tri-fold or A-frame style. With this style the mattress folds across the width of the futon. It is available in Single, Double and Queen. The futon folds twice: across the seat,and over the back of the frame. Generally it is better to use a Foam-Core 6 Inch futon for tri-fold style.