Reasons to choose a ZENTAI Latex Mattress

A ZENTAI Latex Mattress is the most natural bed you will find — period

You may want to ask “why?” Let us give you some explanation about our products, and compare this with what you may find in many Australian bedding stores (including some well-known chain stores):

You see, not all “LATEX” is the same: since there's no conclusive labelling law in Australia many products with latex in their name are based on petrochemical-based polyurethane foams or contain a high proportion of these. Synthetic foam can never provide the same properties, health benefits, or longevity as plant based natural latex.

rubber plantation All Zentai Latex mattresses are made from 100% pure natural rubber. We use only the highest quality pure natural latex. Absolutely no synthetic latex, fillers, or extenders are used in the manufacture. Our latex is non toxic, non carcinogenic, hypo-allergenic, and anti microbial — all natural properties of 100% natural latex. Our latex is considered to be the best quality natural latex available today.  Continuous testing of quality and properties in accordance with International Standards ensures a safe product free of harmful toxins. Bacteria, mildew, and mould cannot live in latex. Independent tests prove that natural latex is three times more resistant to dust mites and bacteria than ordinary mattresses. This makes a natural latex mattress the healthiest option for any sufferer of allergies or asthma!

A pin core constructed latex mattress naturally adjusts to the contours of your body, providing gentle orthopedic support that maintains proper spinal alignment without restricting capillary blood flow. Latex’s open cell structure with a pin core design allows for maximum breathability, which is essential for removing excess heat and moisture that might prevent a good night’s sleep.

What others are advertising as a “Latex Mattress” can be either
• a basic inner-spring mattress with a latex layer on top, where the “latex foam” can have any of the following qualities:
not a latex mattress• an all synthetic polyurethane foam, which producers claim to provide a comfort level similar to that inherent to latex;
• a thin piece of latex combined with other wadding and, in many cases, polyurethane foam (even Wikipedia states “A number of mattress manufacturers have incorporated polyurethane and visco-elastic foams with a portion of plant-based content.”);
• in more expensive mattresses a combination with high proportion of visco-elastic foams, labelled as “Memory Foam” or branded as Tempur™. We have many customers who complain that they spent a lot of money on such a mattress, only to experience later that this material is too hot to sleep on during summer. Some foam is also prone to collapsing after a few years use.
• in the best case a blend of synthetic petrochemical-based polyurethane foam and natural plant based latex, which still cannot provide all the benefits of 100% natural latex.
[We don't like to bad-mouth competitors, but if you check the IKEA 'SULTAN ELSFJORD Latex Mattress' you will find in the extendable product description "Comfort material: Polyester wadding, Synthetic latex" — we advise you to check the fine print. Whenever somebody wants to tell you about their experience with a 'latex mattress' make sure that they know what they are talking about...]

Zentai applies the same care when choosing other components for our mattresses: all our quilting and wadding materials are 100% natural. We use 100% new New Zealand wool for our wadding — not a wool blend. All covers are produced from either 100% cotton, or on many models from bamboo blend  fabric (a fast growing natural resource).

Before you buy your new Latex Mattress ask the right questions!

We are sure all our ZENTAI 100% natural Latex Mattresses will stand up to any comparison.


ZENTAI's LATEX - Nature's renewable resource

pin core mould to pour a latex mattress Latex or Natural Latex Rubber is obtained from the Rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The bark of the tree is tapped and a milky fluid (sap) comprising of 30-40% rubber hydrocarbon particles, suspended in a serum together with a few percent of vital and useful lipids, carbohydrates, sugars, and some metal ions (non rubber faction). The remaining major component is water.
Our Latex is selected and sourced from well managed plantations in South East Asia. The quality is monitored to ensure high quality and consistency.
Absolutely no synthetic latex or fillers or extenders are used in the manufacture of our products.


All our Latex Products are tested and certified

Quality tested by LGA

LGA tested for durability