New Tatami products at reduced prices

24th Feb 2012

New lower prices for TATAMI mats and an extended range of new products!

We are excited to get a new range of Tatami products at reduced prices, as we have managed to source a new supplier. For the next month (mid March 2012) we are expecting a new shipment of tatami, which will include

• full size mats
• half size mats
• bed size tatami
• special solid timber tatami bed frames
• shoji screens
• shoji lamps in two sizes

...and more!

These mats are of outstanding quality, made from full thickness (5.5 cm) high density rice straw core with a soft reed cover (Igusa), and fabric borders along two edges. We ensure that our tatami are heat treated for quarantine requirements — not fumigated! The traditional materials used in our mats are currently not coming from Japan (to avoid any increased radiation from the Fukushima disaster), but from neighbouring countries on the mainland.

Zentai's Tatami will give your room that traditional Japanese look, they are beautifully soft under foot, and help to clean your sleeping environment of pollutants.