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Zentai Futons - Zentai Living - The Natural Sleep Centre
since 1981

The Natural Comfort specialists, Zentai Living have been manufacturing Futon mattresses and Latex mattresses since 1981. We are Australia 's original Futon Company. Our company has since expanded to include a modern display of bedroom furniture and living room furniture. We are a Manufacturer & Retailer offering a direct sales service via our retail stores and via our Australia wide and International Mail Order service. Our stores are located in sub tropical Byron Bay and Brisbane . All Mail Order sales should be directed to our HQ Byron Bay Showroom/Warehouse.

We pride ourselves in producing only quality bedding products, such as authentic Futons made in the traditional style, as well as many types of foam core futons using materials such as CFC free foam, natural cotton, and pure wool as filling.

We manufacture both traditional futon mattresses which are usually all cotton futons varying in thickness from 7cm , 10cm, to 15cm. (traditionally, the thinner style futon was used in Japan on tatami mat flooring). - and we also manufacture a range of Foam - Core Futons that vary thickness from 15-18cm and thicker by request.

We have perfected our own unique method of Futon manufacture, and have been producing a superior quality futon mattress using hand made methods, which stuffing machines cannot achieve. Its all about attention to detail that makes one product superior to another. Through constant improvement and use of better quality materials, we have perfected the art of Natural Sleep over last 24 years.

We also produce a range of Timber Bed Frames, which have both posture slat systems for enhanced comfort and postural support, and solid slats for absolute firm support. All our bedframes are complimented with bedroom furniture with simple style.

Zentai also produce a range of Latex mattresses and Latex pillows which are made from 100% natural rubber. The ultimate in natural comfort. We use only the highest quality pure natural latex, regularly tested and certified by the ECO-umwelt institut in Cologne Germany . Absolutely no synthetic latex or fillers or extenders are used in the manufacture. Our latex is non toxic, non carcinogenic, hypo-allergenic, and anti-microbial.

We carry a large range futon sofa beds available in many colours. All are available with removable heavy weight coloured cotton canvas futon covers.