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All our bedframes are designed to standard sizes and can be used with any type of mattress.

Zentai bedframes are Knock Down (KD) and therefore can be assembled and disassembled as many times as required. All main connections are either metal thread bolts into metal inserts and /or crossdowels (aka barrel nuts) or they are 2 part bracket systems. All types are sturdy and wobble free.

Timbers used:

Rubberwood: Many of our bedframes are made from rubberwood, an ecological renewable resource which is from managed plantations. Rubber trees are a medium density hardwood and are ideal for furniture. The rubber tree itself is quite thin and often the timber is laminated by joining many smaller length pieces together - the end result is Solid laminated boards.

Tasmanian Oak: Our quality Australian made beds are made from Select Grade Tasmanian Oak from the managed plantations in Tasmania . We use Oak for two reasons. Firstly, we are manufacturing furniture designed to last a lifetime or more and Oak is an extremely durable hardwood which adds to the longevity of the end product.

Secondly, it is sourced from managed forests and is constantly being replenished..

Slat Systems

Zentai bedframes have 2 types of slat systems:

  1. Posture slats / Flexible laminated slats with upward curve - for maximum comfort
  2. Solid Oak slats - optional & available on request where absolute firmness is required - suited for very heavy bodies.